To celebrate the launch of Modern Theory we organised an exhibition called ‘Visual Grammar’. Visual Grammar’s aim was to articulate the beauty of form and to investigate its principles, functions and consequences in visual communications. Modern Theory invited ten studios to participate in the exhibition. Each studio in turn had to nominate another studio or designer to take part, adding up to a total of twenty contributors.

Our Role
Exhibition Design. Identity. Communication Materials. Poster Design.

Based on their research, they had to create a poster that would visually convey their findings. They were free to interpret the brief in any way they see fit, provided that the poster articulates the concept of visual grammar and conforms to the technical requirements. In addition, they were asked to submit a short rationale for their work.

Held at the MAD Brussels in Brussels, the exhibition intended to create a stimulating dialogue between studios and designers from around Europe in the city of Brussels.
A series of limited editions of the exhibition posters are for sale here.