Thalassa Seafoods started out back in 1986. Thalassa Seafoods began by supplying raw materials and semi-finished products to the reprocessing industry, but quickly grew into a worldwide volume supplier of quality frozen seafood products. Thalassa Seafoods customer portfolio consists of companies worldwide and their products being sold to wholesalers, distributors, foodservice companies and to the reprocessing industry.

Our Role
Strategy. Visual Identity. Illustration style. Printed matter. Digital.

Today the company wanted to demonstrate a different feel that highlights their dedication to B2B communication. In a world which is filled with consumer clichés that are focussed on functional values, Thalassa Seafoods choose to highlight the emotional side of their business in order to stand out from the generic. Thalassa Seafoods new brand, focussing on B2B account holders expresses itself in a friendly, warm and exciting expression.

Design Direction Edouard Pecher
Design Edouard Pecher, Julien van Havere
Illustration David Scheirer