L.A. Raadhuys is an international consultancy firm that supports companies and organisations in improving their performances. L.A. Raadhuys is an expert in management consulting within the international standards of quality assurance. They offer a tailored approach to innovative management solutions as well as a full range of training and consulting services dedicated to the implementation of numerous quality certifications within companies.

Our Rule
Brand Strategy.
Graphic Identity.
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Quality, rigour and resourcefulness are the key characteristics coupled with accessibility, responsiveness, law policies and continuous guidance. The brand is informative, efficient and methodical with a focus on evolutionary improvement.  We created a simple, yet very distinctive and ownable symbol which will lay at the basic of all the graphic language. A symbol that translates progress and improvement through L.A. Raadhuys’ five steps procedure.  This symbol has the particularity to fit into different grids, highlighting the efficiency and versatility of its service on a wide array of businesses.