Led by Edouard Pecher, working in close collaboration with a network of strategists, storytellers, art directors, developers we shape the project around our clients’ specific needs. This way we ensure to provide effective design solutions underpinned by conceptual thinking.


Our role is to define what’s right for the assignment, and how to approach it. We build the right team out of our network of creative collaborators to ensure that each client has access to the best creative talents to develop an approach tailored to his specific needs.


We’re all about understanding brands, to deliver creative solutions with a modern twist. We help our clients with the creation of their strategy, visual identity, corporate guidelines, printed matters, website, packaging, signage systems and editorial design.


étapes: Design Graphique & culture visuelle — issue 222
Modern Practice, identités contemporaines.

Counter Print – Eight: 48 Issue 8
On the legacy of design and the ability of work to endure in the 21st Century, 2012

Visual Research – an introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design
ISB 978-2-940411-60-3, Ava Academia, 2011, Second Edition


Design of the Year, 2014 — Nomination
Design Museum, London, 2014



Design of the Year 2014
London Design Museum (2014)

typographic football chants, London

Truc Troc 
Bozar Brussels (2014)

Visual Grammar
Design September Brussels (2012)

Lectures and Workshops
London College of Communication (LCC)
Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG)