Escuyer is an undergarment brand that provides men with a service which releases them from the burden of shopping for basics, in order to give them more time to do what they really want to do. Escuyer does not only offer a selected range of well-designed basic apparels of premium quality, they also immerse its customers into a particular world with its own culture and interests.

Our Role
Strategy. Naming. Visual Identity. Art direction. Print. Editorial. Stationary. Website.

In today’s society, men needs to be and look impeccable on all levels. Yet shopping for basic garments isn’t utterly exciting and is often considered as a waste of time. The reason why ‘Escuyer’ was born is to give men more time to do what they really want to do. The time they safe with ‘Escuyer’ can be used for more fruitful activities like sports, culture or business.  Therefore they also propose a unique internet-based subscription system for basics which will be automatically delivered to the clients’ home at a regular interval.  Like its products, ‘Escuyer’ is timeless and comfortable. Like its customers, ‘Escuyer’ is modern and elegant. Like its service, ‘Escuyer’ is functional.

As its name suggests, Escuyer is dedicated to serve and facilitate the life of the busy working & entrepreneurial men.  We created a visual solution based on the heraldic system. This typographic reinterpretation of heraldry is not only strongly linked to the brand’s name, but it also conveys the brand’s world.  While the ‘typographic heraldry’ stands for Escuyer’s refinement, its multiple variations translate the flexibility and adaptability of the brand towards its customers.