Duvel is one of Belgium’s most famous special beer. In 1923 the production of Duvel began with just a few crates. Today, Duvel is enjoyed literally all around the world (in over 60 countries) by countless beer lovers. The beer is still brewed with profound respect for the original recipe and its maturing process.  Duvel asked us to work on a proposal to create a specific identity for their sponsoring branch. The aim of ‘Duvel Sponsoring’ would be to increase Duvel’s presence and visibility into new markets, to build and support a positive brand image that will reach a larger target market.

Our Role
Strategy. Visual Identity. Boat implementation.

The identity would be based on the concept of rallying people together around a common passion. The cross symbol, which is made out of four squares coming together, underpins Duvel’s existing logo. We also developed a range of illustrations that depicts every activity supported by Duvel. Within this identity, every application can connect with one another, forming a community of messages that interact with each other, helping the values and personality of the brand to spread out.